Public Relations and Advertising Committee

The Public Relations and Advertising committee is responsible for coordinating with the various committees, determine the appropriate publicity and prepare media releases. It shall also be responsible for all advertising and printed matter in support of the DFYIT program.

PURPOSE:   To coordinate with committees and determine the appropriate publicity, coordination with the media, advertising and printing to support the D-DY-IT program. 


A.        Create basic flip chart presentation 

B.        Develop written committee policies and procedures 

C.        Develop budget 

D.        Create formal media presentation 

E.        Create video promotion 

F.         Create flyer - parents/students 

G.        Create flyer - sponsors (coordinate with retail committee) 

H.        Create pamphlet 

I.          Develop promotions - newspapers 

J.         Develop promotions - television 

K.        Develop promotions - radio 

L.         Develop promotions - public appearances 

M.        Design membership card (coordinate with legal committee) 

N.        Publicly recognize participating companies and institutions