Legal Issues Committee

A legal issues Committee is responsible for  addressing the various issues concerning liabilities in the specimen chain, medical record keeping, administrative forms used, parental consent, counseling referrals, and other legal issues that may arise, i.e., 4th Amendment, 14th Amendment, Privacy and Confidentiality, and contracts.

PURPOSE:   To evaluate the various legal opinions, precedents and laws which effect the functioning of D-FY-IT, and make recommendations for an effective program 


A.        Establish 501 (c) (3) organization

B.        Develop written committee policies and procedures

C.        Develop budget 

D.        Develop individual school club guidelines 

E.        Develop individual school club by-laws 

F.         Design membership application 

G.        Design parental consent form 

H.        Develop positive results letter 

I.          Develop negative results letter 

J.         Draw up contract for contract testing services 

K.        Contract for building mobile unit 

L.         Define extent of Drug testing 

M.        Evaluate free counseling program 

N.        Evaluate liability issues