Fund Raising Committee

The fund raising committee is responsible for approaching individuals, foundations, corporations, and businesses and solicit donations for the purpose of securing funds for DFYIT. The committee sill also coordinate public recognition for participants with the PR/Advertising committee. The Board of Directors will have the responsibility for soliciting the various government agencies.

The committee will prepare and have printed a directory of participating businesses. Each student member of DFYIT is to receive a copy of the Directory showing the discounts students will receive from merchants by participating in the DFYIT program.

PURPOSE:   To approach foundations, corporations and businesses and solicit donations to pay all expenses incurred in the program for approximately 120,000 + students 


A.        Solicit government grants 

B.        Develop written committee policies and procedures 

C.        Develop budget 

D.        Solicit foundations, corporations, and business for contributions

E.        Coordinate public recognition for participants with PR committee