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Drug Free Youth In Texas

A 501c(3) Corporation




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Our Vision

To have each and every child free of drugs to experience a fulfilling life as an adult.

Our Mission

To have each and every child free of drugs to experience a fulfilling life as an adult.


While drug abuse overall has shown a steady move upward, the scope of the problem has changed with respect to drugs of choice and the people who use them. Heroin, marijuana and LSD are no longer the elite.  Cocaine, crack, PCP, ice and a whole host of synthetic drugs are now among the most commonly abused drugs.

The abusers have changed from dropouts to all segments of mainstream society ignoring economics, age and nationalities. Drug abuse is in our schools.  We cannot afford to be blind to this problem and its reality.  Drug abusers when compared to non-abusers, have higher absence rates, lower academic standings, higher medical insurance costs, and higher rates of crime and insubordination. They cause low student and faculty morale.

A comprehensive program has been developed to voluntarily test students with dignity, strict confidentiality and respect. This program is aimed at creating drug free lifestyles, offering free drug counseling where necessary, communicating the DFYIT message to the entire community and placing ownership of the problem, not SOLELY with the students, but the entire community.

Substance abuse by juveniles has become epidemic in our community. It is destroying the lives of the abusers and creating a disruption to our educational system. The cost to the community is tremendous and increasing. Substance abuse by youngsters can be eliminated.

Rotary Clubs are coordinating a project with other service clubs and private businesses to reward those students who resist the temptation and stay 'drug free'. Upon validating their abstinence through a urine or follicle hair test for drug residues, a student may join D-FY-IT (pronounced "de fy it"), Drug Free Youth In Texas. The membership card can then be used to obtain discounts on goods and services from the participating retail merchants. Positive reinforcement is also provided through programs  and activities.

Parents can encourage their children to join D-FY-IT and have peace of mind knowing their children have good role models. If you are in business, become one of our sponsors and enjoy increased business while aiding the community. If you are a concerned citizen, volunteer to work with us and feel the satisfaction of contribution to a better society and future.